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The impact of scientific advances on future health (WHO-CIOMS)

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The impact of scientific advances on future health (WHO-CIOMS)

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  • Year of publication: 1995
  • Number of pages: 132
  • SKU: 26371

An historical CIOMS document.
Following the “Technical Discussions” on Health Research at the 1990 World Health Assembly, the Advisory Committee on Health Research has devoted considerable time and effort to updating WHO research strategies which are documented in the report on “Research for Health Principles, Perspectives and Strategies” (published in 1993). Developments in science and technology represent a major component of this document and reflect WHO’s dependence on new knowledge and the optimal application of science in developing its policies, strategies and plans.
The joint WHO-CIOMS colloquium was held with the objective of drawing attention to and documenting certain of the most critical current and potential developments in science likely to have a major impact on medicine and public health over the next 20 years.