The day-to-day management of CIOMS is carried out by the Secretariat in conformity with the directions of the Executive Committee. It consists of the Secretary-General and his/her team and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.


Executive Committee

Current members of CIOMS Executive Committee

What’s new

    1.  The Executive Committee consists of up to twelve representatives chosen from among the International and National members.
    2. The Committee has full powers to act on behalf of the Association.
    3.  Each member of the Committee has one vote and the President has a casting vote.
    4.  In addition to the International, National and Associate members, the Committee may invite ad hoc observers and technical experts without the right to vote.
    5. The Committee appoints the Secretary-General.
    6. The Committee meets in person at least once a year (with teleconferences in between the meetings) and during every session of the General Assembly, and as often as the interests of the Association require.


General Assembly

    1.  The General Assembly consists of all CIOMS members and meets in ordinary session once a year. It can also be convened by the Executive Committee in special sessions.
    2. Normally the General Assembly adopts all its decisions by consensus.  Only where a consensus cannot be reached for a decision does the Assembly proceed to voting where decisions are taken by a simple majority of the votes cast. Voting by proxy is not authorized.
    3. The General Assembly elects the members of the Executive Committee and the President.


The full statutes as registered in Geneva in 2021 are available here:

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