Meetings & Conferences

  1. CIOMS / GENDRO joint meeting on gender considerations in health research
    Geneva, Switzerland (2 February 2023)
    — Chairs: Shirin Heidari (GENDRO) and Lembit Rägo (CIOMS).
    GENDRO is an international non-for-profit association, based in Geneva, with the mission to advance equity through the integration of sex and gender dimensions in research across disciplines.
    Meeting report 
  2. CIOMS / SCRC / SECCR International Conference on
    the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) in the Use of Big Data &
    International Conference on China’s Ethics Committee Development (ECD 2021)
    Shanghai / online (2 December 2021)
    Video recordings, English and Chinese (requires updated browser, e.g. Chrome or Firefox)
    — Session chairs (in order of speaking): Wei ZHU, Rong WU, Qi LU, Yiqun XI, Yanling HE
    — Speakers (in order of speaking): Renzong QIU, Dirk Lanzerath, David Townend, Yuan HE, Dominique Sprumont, Frédéric Erard, Menno Mostert, Duoqi XU, Rui DING; Xiaomei ZHAI, Mark Taylor, Guangjun YU, Kun QIAN, Ruipeng LEI, Christian Dierks, Wei ZHU
  3. CIOMS / SCRC / SECCR International Conference on
    Pharmacovigilance and Protection of Research Participants (ECD 2020) &
    Webinar on Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI)

    Shanghai / online (20 November 2020)
    Programme and speakers’ details
    Video recordings, English and Chinese (requires updated browser, e.g. Chrome or Firefox)
    — Speakers: Chingli Hu; Qing Zhang, Haibo Song, Yimin Mao, Fangli Shu, Wei Zhu, Guoying Cao, Delia Yi-Dan Christiani, Dominique Sprumont, Panos Tsintis, Lembit Rägo, Arie Regev, Robert J Fontana, Walter Straus

  4. CIOMS Open Meeting on Patient Involvement in the Development and Safe Use of Medicines and
    CIOMS 70th Anniversary Conference
    Geneva, Switzerland (30 April 2019)
    Report with links to slide decks
    Press conference
    — Session chairs: Hervé Le Louët, Annemiek van Rensen, Kerry Leeson-Beevers/Nikos Dedes, Kaisa Immonen
    — Speakers: Hervé Le Louët, Lembit Rägo, Emer Cooke, Marc Boutin, Theresa Mullin, Kerry Leeson-Beevers, Elisabeth Oehrlein, Marilyn Metcalf, François Houÿez, Meredith Smith, Isabelle Moulon, Leo Russo, Suzanne Schrandt, Corinna Schaefer
    — Additional Panellists: Nicholas Brooke, Poonam Bagai, Kacper Rucinski, Prasanna Kumar Shirol, Maureen Smith, Francesca Sofia, Matthew May, Theobald Owusu-Ansah, Ariadne Guimarães Dias, Umesh Chawla, Estelle Jobson, Talia Lacroix
    — Press conference participants: Hervé Le Louët, Corinna Schaefer, Kaisa Immonen, Lembit Rägo, Regina Kamoga, Theresa Mullin, Emer Cooke, Michael Richardson