CIOMS Cumulative Glossaries

Find the current version of the CIOMS Cumulative Glossary here.

The CIOMS Cumulative Glossaries compile the terms and definitions from published CIOMS Working Group reports, with a focus on pharmacovigilance. They do not cover CIOMS reports on the subjects of ethics, clinical pharmacology, product development, the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities (MedDRA), or publications resulting from CIOMS Roundtable Discussions.

Archived versions:


  • CIOMS Cumulative Pharmacovigilance Glossary. Version 1.0. Geneva: CIOMS, 2021. 10.56759/gjej7050 (PDF)
  • CIOMS Cumulative Pharmacovigilance Glossary. Version 1.1. Geneva: CIOMS, 2021. (PDF)


  • CIOMS Cumulative glossary, with a focus on pharmacovigilance.  Version 2.0. Geneva: CIOMS, 2022. (PDF)